These four women, better known as The Golden Girls are truly golden. Why? Because outside their marvelous and hilarious work on the show that lasted 7 seasons and 180 episodes, they were activists of civil and animal rights:

(from left) 

Bea Arthur who played the strict yet witty Dorothy Zbornakwas an animal rights activist and long-time civil rights activists in women’s rights, the elderly as well as equality for Jewish and LGBT community. All of these were also seen during episodes of Golden Girls. After she passed away, $300,000 of her wealth was donated to LGBT youth. (1922-2009)

Betty White who played the oblivious but at times intelligent and fool-hardy Rose Nyland is now the only surviving Golden Girl. Still growing strong at the age of 91 with a fantastic sense of humor, her charities and activism is still thriving in areas such as animal rights and LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. (1922-)

Rue McClanahan who played the man-crazed Southern belle, Blanche Devereaux was a wide supporter of animal rights and LGBT rights and same sex-marriage and she showed the latter appearing with her co-stars at LGBT rallies and interviews and for appearing in the play, “Defying Inequality: The Broadway Concert – A Celebrity Benefit for Equal Rights” (1934-2010)

Estelle Getty who played the short-fused, no shame mother to Dorothy, Sophia Petrillo was one of the LGBT’s community’s long time supporters and her witty comments about this, made it heart-warming and became one of her strongest legacies along side being a part of The Golden Girls. (1923-2008)

The Golden Girls might have been known as one of the comedy classics that graced the small screen from 1985 to 1992 but it will always be one of the first instances where LGBT were portrayed humorously, heartedly and accurately, and considering all four of the leads were/became icons within the LGBT community, that is the true legacy The Golden Girls left behind. It might have only been a half-an-hour sitcom but it was so much more than that. 

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